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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to provide extra security for the loading space of a commercial vehicle?

Unfortunately, there are many burglaries in commercial vehicles every year. Valuable devices or goods are stolen. Often the actual

value of the contents of the company car is difficult to insure or has the insurance conditions, whereby the cargo is not insured as the company car

is not used professionally (e.g. at night). In addition, there is loss of income if your company car and/or stolen equipment cannot be used for one or several weeks. Also consider the delivery times of specific tools.

Who can install a Carbolt system?

Carbolt works together with various partners who are trained for the correct installation of our products.

How fast can a Carbolt system be installed?

Our products are well stocked, in consultation with our dealers, a suitable date is planned for assembly.

What preparations do I need to make before installing Carbolt 103 and 104 products?

We recommend that the installation is carried out before the Commercial Vehicle Interior is installed, and it is also important that there is a partition between the loading space and the cabin. A 2-component kit is used during assembly, which must harden at a certain temperature, which is why it is important that the vehicle is inside during assembly.

Is there a warranty on Carbolt products?

All our products are sold with a 5 year warranty based on our warranty conditions.

Will a lot of damage be done to my commercial vehicle when installing a Carbolt system?

There is no damage to the outside of the commercial vehicle. On the inside of the commercial vehicle, the paint is removed from the bodywork at the place where the locks are glued to ensure proper adhesion. A unit is mounted with bolts/nuts on the bulkhead between cabin and cargo area. In short, the Carbolt products are friendly to your vehicle.

I lost a key. What should I do?

The Carbolt 100 key has a separate label on the spare key ring where a number is embossed, with this number an extra spare key can be used.

are requested. If a key is lost to a Carbolt 103 system, the key number is listed in the warranty booklet.

How can it be recognized that my company car is protected against burglary?

When purchasing a Carbolt 103, 104, 105 and 106, 4 preventive anti-burglary stickers are provided, which can be are applied to the inside of

the windows.

What should I do if the system does not work when controlled from the cab?

Carbolt can be contacted. It has happened that after installation of the system a commercial vehicle has been furnished and built-in cupboards or

such are placed so as to pinch a cable, it is important that all parts of the Carbolt 103 system are free to move and not

obstructed by a device.

What should I do if a door won't unlock?

It may be that load has fallen against a hook of a lock, that a cable is under tension or that the lock no longer works smoothly. If

it is possible to gain access to the cargo space through another door and to manually rectify the situation. It is also good to 'grease' the lock from time to time.

What should I do if the lock hook gets stuck when a door or tailgate is open?

The door or tailgate must be closed and unlocked again.

The questions below apply to our electronic security locks

What does it mean if one of the lights flashes?

Only the red light can flash. This means that there is a malfunction on the Carbolt lock. In that case, press the red button again. If the red button continues to flash, either the door is not closed properly or the Carbolt lock motor is broken. In the latter case, you can contact Carbolt.

What should I do if I have lost my TAG?

If you have lost the TAG (the blue drop) you can order a new TAG from Carbolt. You can programm the new TAG with the help of the programming TAG

which comes with the system.

How does the programming TAG work?

You should hold the programming TAG in front of the antenna (in the cabin or in a rear light, which will be indicated to you during assembly/instruction). A four-tone ascending sound (beep) follows. You should then hold the new TAG in front of the antenna. A two-tone sound (beep) follows. You must close with the programming TAG by holding it in front of the antenna. A four-tone descending sound (beep) follows.

At standstill, doesn't the system consume too much power from the battery?

The system turns off automatically after a while. You can shut down the system yourself by holding down the red LED button longer.

Where should I hold the Tag to open rear and side doors?

With the Carbolt 104 you have to keep the TAG in the cabin with the control unit usually placed on the partition wall. On the Carbolt 105 and the Carbolt 106, the antenna is located near the rear light. The mechanic will indicate on delivery which rear light this is. The TAG must be kept a short distance from the rear light at the rear of the commercial vehicle.

Can the electronic system be hacked?

The connection between the TAG and the access control is not done by radio (as with a regular key). It is therefore not possible to read the key.

What is the effect on the system of bad weather conditions or driving on bad roads?

We have no negative reactions that our electronics function less or falters in bad weather or driving conditions. Almost all commercial vehicles are equipped with electronics. This is now of such good quality that no problems are expected.

What is the effect of cargo hitting parts of the system?

Proper protection is provided around the installed components of the Carbolt system. It is nevertheless recommended not to place any load in the immediate vicinity of the components of the system. We have not received any negative reports of issues resulting from charge contact with system components.

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