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Warranty conditions

These warranty conditions, version 6-2023 valid from 01-06-2023, may replace previous versions and take precedence over any warranty provisions from the general terms and conditions.  

Warranty conditions

1.1. Carbolt BV guarantees that the delivered products are free of construction and/or material defects, insofar as this follows from these guarantee provisions.

1.2. If during the warranty period the product proves to be defective due to defects in material, CARBOLT BV or a CARBOLT B.V.

dealer in the warranty area, without charge for labor or parts, will repair or replace the product or defective parts

under the conditions stated below. CARBOLT BV and dealers can replace defective products or parts with new or refurbished products or

components. All parts and products to be replaced become the property of CARBOLT BV

1.3. This warranty is only granted within the warranty period and upon presentation of the original invoice (stating date of purchase, product name and dealer) together with the defective product. CARBOLT BV and the CARBOLT BV dealers may refuse warranty service if these documents are not presented or

be incomplete.

1.4. No guarantee is provided on parts sold separately, which have not been installed by CARBOLT BV or have not been installed according to installation instructions.

1.5. The guarantee can only be invoked by the first owner of the relevant CARBOLT BV product.

1.6. This warranty does not cover transportation costs or risks associated with the transportation of your vehicle to and from CARBOLT BV or your CARBOLT BV dealer.

Article 2 Warranty Period

2.1. A warranty claim can only be made if the original proof of purchase can be submitted. The warranty period starts on the day of purchase.

2.2. No warranty is given on parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as cables and springs, unless there are construction and/or material defects.

2.3. For other parts, if properly maintained, a warranty of 5 years applies.

Article 3 Warranty Exclusions

3.1. The warranty expires in the following cases:

a. Incorrect and/or careless use of the CARBOLT BV product and use that is not in accordance with its intended purpose;

b. The CARBOLT BV product has not been maintained in accordance with the service booklet;

c. Technical repairs have not been carried out in a professional manner;

d. Subsequently installed parts do not correspond to the technical specification of the product or have been incorrectly installed;

e. If the certificate key code page from the user manual, which shows that the system has been professionally mounted and checked before it was delivered to the customer, is not present or has not been signed by the seller and returned to CARBOLT BV;

3.2. Explicitly excluded liability of CARBOLT BV-NL BV for damage to (parts of) the product as a result of:

a. Incorrect adjustment/tension of cables and locks;

b. Incorrect or insufficient lubrication of rotating parts and/or parts for which this has been specified.

c. Climatic influences such as normal weathering of paint, rust or chrome rust.

Article 4 Warranty parts

4.1. During the guarantee period, all parts of which CARBOLT BV has determined that there is a material and/or construction defect will be repaired or reimbursed at the choice of the supplier. Any costs of (dis)assembly are for the account of the owner.

4.2. Costs of transport of the CARBOLT BV product and/or the entire vehicle to and from CARBOLT BV are borne by the owner.

4.3. If a certain part is eligible for warranty and the original is no longer available, CARBOLT BV will provide an alternative that is at least equivalent.

Article 5 Warranty work.

5.1. Claims can only be executed after express approval from CARBOLT BV

5.2. The work is preferably carried out at the dealer from whom the product was purchased, if this has been directly with Carbolt BV, the work will be carried out at the current location of Carbolt BV (at the time of publication this is Varsseveld)

5.3. Any call-out costs will always be for the account of the owner, regardless of whether or not the warranty claim is awarded.

Article 6 Submitting a claim

6.1. Claims under this warranty must be submitted - with presentation of the product or the relevant part for inspection via the CARBOLT BV dealer from whom the product was purchased. At the same time, proof of purchase and the fully completed key certificate must be presented to the dealer.

6.2. If the owner has moved or the dealer is no longer available, CARBOLT BV will refer to the nearest CARBOLT BV dealer.

Article 7 Warranty area

7.1 The warranty area is limited to the Netherlands.

Article 8 Liability

8.1. A warranty claim honored by CARBOLT BV does not automatically mean that CARBOLT BV also accepts liability for any damage suffered.

The liability of CARBOLT BV never extends beyond what is described in these warranty conditions. Any liability of CARBOLT BV for consequential damage is expressly excluded. The provisions of this provision do not apply if and insofar as this arises from a mandatory legal provision.

Article 9 Exclusions and Limitations

9.1. Except as stated above, CARBOLT BV makes no warranties (whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise) regarding the quality, performance, accuracy, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other quality of the product or is part of it. If this exclusion is not or not fully permitted by applicable law, the exclusion or limitation of CARBOLT BV's warranty only applies to the

maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

Any warranty that cannot be wholly excluded is (to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law) limited to the duration of this Warranty. This Warranty commits CARBOLT BV only to repair or replace the products covered by the terms of this Warranty. CARBOLT BV is not responsible for any loss or damage related to products, service, this Warranty or otherwise, including – economic or tangible loss – the price paid for the product – loss of profit or income, loss of data, enjoyment of the product or other related products – indirect, secondary

or consequential damage or loss.

This applies regardless of whether such damage or loss is related to defective or non-functioning of the product or related products.

due to defects or because the product is not available while it is at CARBOLT BV or a CARBOLT BV dealer, resulting in downtime, loss of use time or interruption of work.

If applicable law prohibits or limits such exclusions of liability, CARBOLT BV excludes or limits its liability

them to only the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. CARBOLT BV's liability under this warranty shall in no event exceed the price paid for the product, but if applicable law only allows higher limitations of liability, then the higher limitations will apply.

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